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Additional Options

  1. Loyal Users Users are VERY loyal because the site is centered around a festgoers interests.  Bookmarking bands, festivals and performances set us apart. 

  2. State-specific ads
    Example: Let's assume you live in Illinois, would you want to see an ad for a LOCAL store in New Mexico.  Too good to be true?  Peruse the site and pay attention to the ads you see.  They are either specific to the state you are browsing, a bordering state or a national ad.  We expose your ad to highly qualified, relevant viewers.

  3. NO spamvertising
    NO banner ads appear on, nor are we a member of any banner exchanges.  Our philosophy is to provide targeted advertising. 

  4. Continual Exposure - and then some is a state-specific search engine, and advertising is User-based. Once a User chooses a state, your ad follows their state selection on all pages they browse.

  5. Reach Beyond the Browser
    Two specific advertising opportunities go beyond this browser:
    • registerd Users are able to print customized FestCalendars which they can then post in visible locations such as a refrigerator, organizer, desk or auto.  Your message transitions into the physical world and becomes front-and-center in the User's daily life.
    • Registered Users who have bookmarked festivals receive email notifications which include embedded advertising. Email advertising offers you the opportunity to present your message via a User-requested function.

  6. Complimenting Ad Presentations
    Ad graphics compliment the site design. Ads are intermingled with featured festivals and performers, so Users never get "tired" or "oblivious" to ads.  Your ad is always presented with other pertinent state activities.  All ads are appropriately sized for our pages, as opposed to cookie-cutter advertising.

  7. Candid pricing
    Upon your decision to advertise with us you will know exactly what your cost will be, as well as where your ad will appear and who will be seeing it.  We have no hidden fees, additional charges, set-up or maintenance costs.   Our charge to you is not based on exposures, click throughs, external links or ratings. 

  8. Coupons
    We encourage you to present our Users a value coupon. Our Users quickly learn that clicking an ad does not just link to another site, but may offer a bonus coupon. Ads which offer coupons are flagged as such, which will result in a higher click rate. Coupons are proof your advertising has accomplished its goal with every redemption.

  9. Coming soon...
    Skywriting: an banner-toting airplane literally travels across the sky of each page displaying your message (text only).
    FestMessaging: text message reminders to a User's cell phone or pager.
    FestPerformers: Advertising for performers in an appropriate graphic.

What you get!

  • "Beyond your expectations" response to your ads.
  • The satisfaction of "money well spent"
  • Real, trackable ad results. We track all exposures and click-through's.

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