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Officially Festing Season in Chicago- by: Ralph Riani
Category: Festival news
Posted: 05/14/2009 - 2:58 PM
Read: 30,211 times

Well I don't know about you but I'm ready to start festing. The crazy economy and the loss of jobs really has people kind of down. It will be great to here some good music and eat some good festing food. Well it will be nice to hear some good music anyway. In talking with some of the fest representatives it appears many communities had to make a decision whether to have thier fests or not. Money and especially sponsorships are becoming harder to get. That's why it's important to support your local fest. It's a way to get out , mingle with the neighbors and have a little fun and it's relatively inexpensive. Where else can you see Foghat for practicly nothing. Seriously there are a great deal of good bands that play at many of these fests and I regard Foghat as one of them. There are many good fests through out the year with lots of activities for the whole family and we have them listed for you. To me community festivals/craft fairs/concerts in the park are a few of those things that you won't miss until thier gone. So get out and Fest. Take advantage of the site, use the calendar in your back pack if your a registered user, I find it to be very handy. I also love to click on a day on the calendar on the home page. One Click on a particuliar date and I can see what festivals are happening on that date and what bands are playing on that date, Wow what a great feature. You can also sort the fests by week I find this tool extremely helpful when I'm trying to get out of doing work around the house. I sort by the week add it to my personal festing calendar, in my backpack, and then post it on the refrigerator, where I can then show my wife we are busy this weekend festing. One other really good tool I love to use is "See other festivals within 5 miles of this one". This feature is found when you pull up a particuliar festival. It is located in the location box below the address of the festival you are looking at. Great feature and I bet you will be surprised to find out how many fests there are close to the fest you are looking at. We are always looking to update and add to our festival listings. If you promote or organize a fest and are not on our listings we would love you add your Fest via our Festwizard found on the home page. If your a fest goer and don't see your favorite fest on the site drop us a note using the contact button on the home page and we'll get it on. Festival listings are always a work in progress so keep checking back as we update our listings on a daily basis. Remember support your local festival the're great for our communities and you'll probably have a great time. Thanks from the Festmaster and keep on "Festing"

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The Festmaster with Jim Kale of
The Festmaster with Jim Kale of "The Guess Who"
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