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The Perils of Festing- by: Ralph Riani
Category: Festmaster's comments
Posted: 02/11/2013 - 10:09 PM
Read: 3,434 times

I was working on the website and i started to think about some of my pet peaves about festing. The number one most aggravating thing at a festival is "The Mother Fester". Now I know that going to a festival isn't like going to a concert at an indoor venue. People are at the festival for a variety of different reasons. Some people are there for the food, some the carnival,some just to visit with friends , and some are there to enjoy the music. i generally fall into the "enjoy the music" category. I usually get to the festival early to 'stake out " my claim with my favorite festing chair. I enjoy going for the music. Here is my most aggravating thing at a fest. The "mother Fester". The" Mother Fester" is that person who comes to the music right as it is ready to start and has no problem standing right in front of you.They have no regard that you are sitting in a chair and they are going to stand were they want. They know you are sitting there watching the concert but they don't really care they own that space and have no regard for you or anyone else. Yea that is the "Mother Fester". I usually try to keep flashing my camera close to their face to get them to move. I might even get up right next to them and begin singing along with the band in an elevated tone. I know that i have a terrible voice so i can only imagine how bad it sounds. I always try to be nice and try to reason with people that do this but I have found out after so many years some people just don't care. thus the birth of the "Mother Fester".

The Mother fester can also be that group of people that  are obviously at the festival to be with a group of friends to socialize. The unfortunate thing about this group is they are right in the middle of where the concert is going on. They are there to have  a good time joking and laughing not really listening to the concert but the are sitting right next to you and you can't enjoy the concert. Now this isn't as bad as the person who stands right in front of you but it is almost as annoying. Just one of the joys of festing.

The other very annoying thing at some of the fests is the use of a stage that is less than 3 feet tall. We all now that people are going to stand up near the stage, that is a given. When we position our chairs we take that into consideration, Those people that stand at the front next to the stage are not the "Mother Festers" just to be clear. When you have a stage that is less than 3 feet tall and you know people will be standing, dancing by the stage you might as well forget to bring your chair. Unless of course you just enjoy listening to the music and aren't concerned about the band or what they look like. I like to see the bands perform as well as hearing the music. There are some festivals that are notorious for using the shorter stages. This might be an insignicant thing to most people but when you think about it there is alot of time and energy spent putting these festivals on. Much planning goes into how the fest is going to be set up, who is going to run what, etc.The music is an integral part of most festivals so why ruin it by using the shorter stage. It's rediculous and it really annoys most people that have come to enjoy the band. They not only want to hear the band but they want to see the band and enjoy the energy that most bands bring. So when we come across these shorter stages we need to let the festival know. They are probably saving some money on the stage but in the long run they will probably loose money because of a decrease in attendance in the years to come. If you know of festivals that use the shorter stages let us know and we will pass it on to the festival organizers and our festing users. That way you will know which festivals you need to bring your stilts too. Ha Ha Ha

I love going to the festivals dispite some of these annoying things. Isn't it wonderful that soo many communities give us this opportunity to enjoy some really good music. Good Festing in 2013.

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